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Most frequently updated section of this website that gives you insight into our SASR Community wisdom and discussions in an informal, dairy-style collection of text, e-cards, ideas in reverse chronological order.
Since 2008, SASR is a not-for-profit social work organization's teacher training institute is developing professional resources and education, clinical sercvices, training and unversity programmes on special education.
Since 2008, SASR's not for profit school for children with severe mental and physical disability such as Autism, Intellectual disorders, Celebral Palsy, ADHD, Slow learning, Down syndrome etc.

A Series of Online Discourse on
Rehabilitation of Special Children

An Online series on practices, research and developments on rehabilitation of children with multiple disabilities for educators, parents, rehabilitation professionals, disability right advocates, activists, research institues and inclusive shools.

Technology Innovation Initiative:

A innovation driven technology company, making Online and Print Publications on issues related to Family welfare, women empowerment, francophone indians, Research and Consultanty for Online Education and Artificial Intelligence
Family Rehabilitation Magazine:
Since 2012, GBOH is a family value education print and online magazine, an e-family, virtual family companionship project, a happy family movement subscribed by more than 100 schools in NCR Delhi region.
Fashion and Disability
(Proposed Project)
Disability Guide -
Merchandise, E-Cards, Promotion
NED-TAM 2019, an artisan movement, a fashion festival for North Eastern Indian States. Please Click here for a walkthrough of the porposed project.
An online knowledgebase and resources, and showcase of academic profile of Nitika Mendirata, PhD (Special Education)
Please Click Here for details of our Disability Specific Projects, HRD Programs and Other Cross Disability Inputs