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"I think this event is a wonderful idea and I think public really want to see more people with disabilities climbing up the social ladders. If businesses can see this positive feedback, it will be a really good investment opportunity as the collective spending power of families with disabled people has good potential."
- Shyam Gupta, Custom Vehicle Desiginer (New Delhi)

This event is for all families with children or adults with disability. They should all come together and meet at this event to share their story, make connections with like minded people and feel good about life god has given them."
- Diane Phillip, Ex Professeur - Department of Disability Studies, Amity University

"I love fashion, but I have an prosthetic leg, I wish If i could chose different shapes, sizes, colors and covers for it. I want to style my prosthetic and wear it proudly as my creative highlight and not just as my disability. I wish if people like me could represented oursevles in anyway, in main stream society. Fashionless life focuses too much on my limitations and my psyche. I feel frustrated on visibility and overemphasis of my disability. I have many creative and artistic talents which are not effected by my disability in anyway. I feel there is a hole in fashion and clothing industry that they are not reflecting on our needs and aspirations. I hope Indian businesses come forward and work with us for a better, inclusive and more human world! I will see you guys in December!"
- Recieved via e-mail from Divaa, 18 year special girl, from Los Angles, USA