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There are many types of design careers and life skill trainings that divyangjans can consider purusing. Experts from Fashion industry will give you workshops on how divyangjans can use technical knowldedge, artistic creativity and train their designing to design clothes, fashion designing, interior designing, apperal and fashion accessories design, industrial design, online fashion business, fashion graphic designing and business planning,

Design fields offer multiple, interesting career options that allow you to be creative, develop technical skills, and see your ideas turn into reality. Designing buildings, planning cities, or creating websites offer students opportunities to improve the world around them. Moreover, by being designers, individuals with disabilities can help to make the world more welcoming and accessible to other individuals with a wide variety of disabilities.

Designers with Disabilities at Work, design itself is improved when individuals with disabilities participate as designers. Designers with disabilities found that "living with a disability while thinking about improving designed spaces had heightened their thoughtfulness, determination, maturity, problem-solving skills, empathy, aesthetic consciousness, kinesthetic awareness, and social justice in design." An important skill that individuals with disabilities often bring to a career in design is many years of practice in developing creative approaches to maneuvering through the physical environment, using technology, and otherwise actively engaging in personal, academic, and community activities.

What can I do to be successful studying in a design field?
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