"When I see myself in mirror, I don’t see disability, I see something valuable, something beautiful!", said a young autistic girl wearing custom designed fashionable clothes from a north east indian designer.

North East Fashion designers, are changing the design limitations to diminsh entry barriers between disability and fashion. Their fashion, their designing acknowledges all humans in their shapes, sizes and abilities. For young designers, Individuals with physical disabilities can not be labelled unwanted, disabled, ugly and unsightly. They dont think that body with disability should be covered up and hidden away, rather than displayed, and if any garments are going to be designed for them, those garments should minimise rather than highlight their disabilities. They should create illusions and do tricks to do things like making someone's legs look longer, or concealing the fact that someone has one arm. The idea that someone might be comfortable in a disabled body, perhaps even to the point of wanting to show it off, is utterly alien.