By NED-TAM we wish to change the conversation around disability and fashion. Disabled people cant yet say that they love fashion because indian fashion industry yet acknowledge their human aspirations and diversity. Sometimes people forget they’re just as human as we are, only with a hand or leg or two missing. By making people with disability part of fashion, we support their inclusion and normalisation of disability in various walks of life.

Imagine how a disabled girls feel browsing through fashion instagrams, websites, lifestyle magazines and brochures. She wonders why are there more clothing options for cats and dogs than people with disabilities? For people who who use wheel chairs or who have some other physical or mental disability, specialized brands, clothes options do not exist. Fashion has to do much more if it is serious about catwalk diversity, clotheline diversity. Models with disabilities have made headlines but the handful examples is just a drop in the ocean.

Our Media Plan for NED-TAM 2019 is to connect through print and other media advertisements, event promotion campaigns via email and social media platforms. Our audacious media goal is to bring forward mainstream media and mainstream fahsionable together to assist the inclusion and normalization process for people with severe or profound physical or mental disabilities by building making a positive contribution to their lives and importantly, their human rights.

Please support our intiative by your media channel and help us shattering the barriers that silence the dreams and colourful life of a disabled person.

On behalf of NED-TAM, and the organizers NIEPMD and NEIFW, we invite you for media coverage, to be part of this event. If you have any questions regarding media-releases, press-notes, television and/or print media bytes, please feel free to contact us at any time.

We would be thrilled to discuss the opportunities assist you in our shared goals. We look forward to hearing from you to create a one-of-a-kind opportunity for divyangjans that makes a difference in our community!

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