For people with disabilities, finding clothing that is stylish and meets is very difficult that is why we have organized thsi first all inclusive artisans movement in India (Divyangjan and Non-Divyangjan) is First forum in the country to showcase the talent of divyang craftsmen, weavers, models, designers, makeup artists, hairstylists, photographers etc. A 2011 World Health Organization report estimated that around 1.2 billion people worldwide live with a physical or mental disability. That’s around 15 per cent of the global population. Statistics for India also present similar numbers.

This event is an intiative for further inclusion of north east divyangjans into mainstream business and society. By this event we aim to Encourage formation of self-help groups. Generate awareness about skills and abilities of divyangjan. Identify job-roles in the industry for divyangjan. Develop formal curriculum for skilling of divyangjan. Provide publicity and marketing platform for artists, entrepreneurs & businesses. Provide opportunity to engage in deliberaitons for scaling avenues for divyangjan. Prepare road-map for mainstreaming of divyangjan in the fashion industry. Promote skill development institutions and entrepreneurship of divyangjan. Link divyangjans with the fashion industry. Empower organizations and divyangjan working in the clothing and fashion industry.

"Retail and shopping is an emotional experience, but also a social experience, We need to evolve retail industry and make it more inclusive and give it a a larger canvas to work on" - Ritu Behri, Fashion Designer

The range of disabilities that would benefit from adaptive clothing is significant; people with severe physical or mental disabilities, people with acute arthritis, wheel chair bound people, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, muscular dystrophy,or those that have lost limbs or dexterity, and even those with poor coordination or vision.

Fashion designers and Fashion Houses of of North east are looking forward to embrace all sorts of communities, irrespective of their size, shape or ability. EVen those who need adaptive designing, or aesthetically different bodies - even the disabled are ‘super-abled’. there is a massive untapped market with the potential for enormous future growth.

The event is targeted to include divyangjans and divyangjan entrepreneurs, not only those who are artisans like weavers and craftspersons, but also prospective and aspiring artisans, Designers, Models, Make-up artists, Hair stylists, Fashion photographers/ videographers, Self-Help Groups, Skill training partners, Skilling institutes, Fashion journalists, Sales & Marketing personnel, Production houses, Fashion outlets etc.

Key Highlights: All categories of disabilities will have access to event participation in all capacities. All severity levels of disabilities will have access to event participation in all capacities. The event will host workshops on various themes of NE fashion to give hands-on experience and demonstration. Round-table conference for deliberations on inclusive skilling, employment, entrepreneurship development, scaling and marketing. Sale and publicity outlets for young non-disabled and divyang entrepreneurs. Skill demonstration stalls by both non-disabled and divyang craftsmen. Ramp-walk to showcase the talent of divyang models, craftsmen, makeup artists, hairstylists, weavers, photographers etc. Cultural event showcasing the traditions and festivities of NE states.