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As compared to visual, orthopedic and hearing impaired are far better of as intervention in the areas have visible and positive outcomes. But a serious contrast is the situation of intellectually challenged as intelligence is affected. Intellectual disability is an umbrella of various conditions; Mental Retardation, Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Handicap and other associated conditions.

The treatment given to the persons with disability is that of a non-productive population who require a life time support system; thus every effort goes in vain. The persons are feared to be antisocial, non- reliable and of unpredictable behaviour and are kept hidden in homes, or abandoned.
The need for sensitizing the community as a whole is the major task. Even in the age of modernization and information explosion the idea of disability is treated as a mental disorder than a condition. Hence persons with disability, irrespective of the type of disability are subjected to ridicule, maltreatment, and inequality of opportunity and freedom of high quality of living. Though the government has taken steps of making laws stating the rights of the persons with disability to avail concessions, free-education, free medical attention, subsidized loan facility and job reservations in government organizations. But due to the dearth in quality social workers and rehabilitation practitioners; the government has failed repeatedly to ensure the implementation of the laws available.
The social welfare sector has multiple bifurcations with reference to women’s welfare and education, religious minorities , scheduled caste and scheduled tribes; poverty; street children; child labour; livelihood; health and nutrition; sanitation; housing; HIV AIDS; drug de-addiction; so on and so forth. But through out the developing nations starting from UNICEF and the UN; many developed nations and international & national NGO‘s; philanthropist; also the Ministry of Social Welfare at State Level and Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment in India; and national and multi-national corporates are making tremendous efforts in the above stated. But sadly very limited amount of it is done for the betterment of persons with disability and even lesser in the sector of intellectual disability and developmental disabilities. The main factor of such a condition is due to the fact that such projects are economically non-viable in nature and require continuous support over a longer period of time.
The field of rehabilitation is vast yet slow in development. Hence the services obtained for persons with disability are in a sorry state; worst hit being the societies making efforts towards persons with intellectual disabilities.