SASR (Society for Advance Study in Rehabilitation) is a Nationally Registered under the Society Registration Act of XX1,1860A. It is a non-government non- profit organization committed towards providing quality service in rehabilitation, education and training of person with special needs, parents and professionals. Our aim is to promote training, research and management services in the field of intellectual disability.

Our Vision: Challenging the Challenges of the Challenged.

Our Mission: The right to quality of life of every person with special needs is equal to other citizens in the country; to live independently to the maximum extent possible…

Target group: We work for individuals with: Mental retardation, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple disability, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Learning Disability, Slow learners and Childhood Developmental Delays.

Re-inventing Rehabilitation, Our main objectives are to Innovate, Implement, Demonstrate and Facilitate for Rehabilitation of Persons with or at high risk of developmental disorders, through: Quality Prevention Strategies, Early Diagnosis with Specific Diagnosis, Early-Intervention Strategies, Pre-School Intervention Strategies, School Intervention Strategies, Pre-Vocational Intervention Strategies, Vocational Intervention Strategies, Vocational Rehabilitation Programmes, Family Integration Strategies, Community Integration Services, Community Based Rehabilitation Strategies, Inclusive Educational Strategies, Respite Care; Half-Way Home and Residential Facilities, Advocacy and Facilitation for Legislation Benefits, Concessions and Rights, Training highest quality of Professionals, Need-Based Research, Assimilation & Dissemination of Information, Organizing Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Training Programs and Events for Professionals, Outreach and Extension Services, Encouraging, Collaborating and Assisting Institutions, NGO’s & parent associations and Organizing events for Overall Growth, Development and Creativity of the rehabiliation of special children.

As our endeavour goes to show that our facility is one of its kinds with wide range of services offered towards overall rehabilitation of persons with disability. The right to quality of life of every individual with special needs is equal to other citizens in the country and to live independently to the maximum extent.

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