A National Level Non-Government Non-Profit Association of Parents & Professionals. SASR is empowering the lives of individuals with special needs. Registered Under Society Registration Act of XXI, 1860 RCI, Government of India Recognized Teacher Training Centre in Mental Retardation & Autism.

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SASR (Society for Advance Study in Rehabilitation) is a Nationally Registered under the Society Registration Act of XX1,1860A. It is a non-government non- profit organization committed towards providing quality service in rehabilitation, education and training of person with special needs, parents and professionals. Our aim is to promote training, research and management services in the field of intellectual disability.






















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SASR established in year 2000, the community service society is a proud partnership of Parents of individuals with special needs and Professionals in disability sector, with a long history of experience and contributions; that was formally registered in year 2007 under the Society Registration Act, PWD Act, National Trust Act and 80G & 12A of Income Tax Act.

It is a non-government, not-for-profit society that has had a positive impact on the lives of many individuals with intellectual disabilities, their families, and the community through its services in Surajkund and Kurukshetra (Haryana), Safdarjung Enclave and Dwarka (New Delhi), Pathsala and Guwahati (Assam), Basti (Uttar Pradesh) and Kohima (Nagaland).

Our Vision: Challenging the Challenges of the Challenged.

Our Mission: The right to quality of life of every person with special needs is equal to other citizens in the country; to live independently to the maximum extent possible…

Target group: We work for individuals with: Mental retardation, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple disability, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Learning Disability, Slow learners and Childhood Developmental Delays.


Re-inventing Rehabilitation, Our main objectives are to Innovate, Implement, Demonstrate and Facilitate for Rehabilitation of Persons with or at high risk of developmental disorders, through: Quality Prevention Strategies, Early Diagnosis with Specific Diagnosis, Early-Intervention Strategies, Pre-School Intervention Strategies, School Intervention Strategies, Pre-Vocational Intervention Strategies, Vocational Intervention Strategies, Vocational Rehabilitation Programmes, Family Integration Strategies, Community Integration Services, Community Based Rehabilitation Strategies, Inclusive Educational Strategies, Respite Care; Half-Way Home and Residential Facilities, Advocacy and Facilitation for Legislation Benefits, Concessions and Rights, Training highest quality of Professionals, Need-Based Research, Assimilation & Dissemination of Information, Organizing Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Training Programs and Events for Professionals, Outreach and Extension Services, Encouraging, Collaborating and Assisting Institutions, NGO’s & parent associations and Organizing events for Overall Growth, Development and Creativity of the rehabiliation of special children.

As our endeavour goes to show that our facility is one of its kinds with wide range of services offered towards overall rehabilitation of persons with disability. The right to quality of life of every individual with special needs is equal to other citizens in the country and to live independently to the maximum extent.

Our multi-disability special schools, clinical services, vocational centers, community based rehabilitation services, mainstream school support programs, respite care services and human resource development programmes have been well received; that is steadily expanding every year in terms of project sites and number of beneficiaries.

The society is privileged to offer consultancy services at both national and international level including both civil society and government organizations; and is closely associated with IGNOU, NIEPMD, National Trust, SSA, SCERT, Punjab University, Amity University, AFDD, YMCA, NHPC, IARP, Public Schools, Special Schools, Teacher Training Centers of RCI, Special Olympics, Abilympics, MJP Rohilkhand, IARP, NCED, NIEPID, PDU-NIPPD, Handicap International, Charles University (Czech Republic), Roehampton University (UK) etc.

Our Objectives

  • To develop services and service delivery models on cross-disability philosophy for persons with multiple disabilities through trans-disciplinary models of clinic, education, training and rehabilitation
  • Research and Human Resource Development
  • Advocacy and Awareness
  • Documentation and Dissemination
  • Community Based Rehabilitation
  • Extension and Outreach programmes
  • Promote Technology, Universal Design for Learning & Inclusion through Life-Cycle approach


The work we do…
• Clinical Services:
Remedial Education, Therapeutic Services (Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Sensory Integration, Speech Therapy, Play Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Naturopathy, Movement Therapy, Music Therapy, Ayurveda, Pet Therapy etc), Behavior Management, Psychological interventions, Medical interventions, Assessment, Evaluation, Program Planning etc

• Early Intervention:
Early Screening, Trans-Disciplinary Assessment and Programming, Clinical Services, Parent Training, Home Based Services, Referral etc

• School Readiness Program:
The program is aimed at empowering families and children towards smooth transition from home/clinic/special school to mainstream schools; through skill development and guidance and counselling programs.

• Special Need School:
Comprehensive curriculum to meet the diverse needs of multi-disability target group in the age range of 6-18yrs towards building skills for independent living. Sports, Dance, Theatre, Music, Art & Craft, Functional Academics, Play Therapy, Language Therapy, OT, PT, Pre-Vocational skills, ADL, Domestic Skills, Community Use, Recreation and Leisure skills etc; comprise the comprehensive curriculum.

• Integration Promotion:
Mainstream School Teacher Training, Training of Administrators and Principals, Awareness Building of Peers, Parent Training, Development of Adapted Curriculum/CCE/ Equipment/ TLM towards better inclusion and accommodation of cwsn in the mainstream schools.

• Vocational Rehabilitation:
Preparation of Transition Plan, Vocational Assessment, Job selection, Job adaptation, Employer sensitization, Simulated and On-the-Job Training, Work skills and work behavior development, training on adult-living skills, domestic skills, community skills; comprise the core curriculum towards vocational rehabilitation in Open/Supported/ Self/ Sheltered/ Home-Bound options. Currently Café & Bakery services, Stationary & Gift-Shop operation, Stationary & Gift Production, Digital/Screen/Block Printing, Photocopy, Spiral Binding and Lamination; teacher-assistant, office-assistant, therapist-assistant programmes are offered as both training and sheltered workstation options.

Under the PM’s Skill Development Programme (Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment) through DDU-IPH selected SASR on a pilot-basis to train 30 adults with special needs.

• Respite Care & Half-Way Home:
Short stay facilities are offered for male and female individuals with disabilities; offered as paying-guest facilities with our staff at staff-home or staff-quarters.

• Information and Documentation:
Collection and compilation of information through print and digital media and subsequent effort is made towards dissemination of information through telephone, email, website, print etc. Groups of institutions including schools, offices, corporates, RWAs are being offered group counseling programmes towards information dissemination.

• Research and Development:
Research in Partnership with NIEPMD (1. Survey, 2. Manual Development in Assamese)
Research in Partnership with CASP plan (Development of Research Based Training Module for grass-root level workers on functional skills for cwmr)
Research in partnership with Charles University (Czech Republic)
Dissertation and Ph.D. Guides
Action Research
IGNOU student learning material development
Key Note presentations
Research in partnership with other NGOs (HCSER, Navjyoti, Samadhan, AROHAN, )
“God Bless Our Home” magazine
Media Lab Asia projects

• Community Based Rehabilitation:
Adaption of community towards screening, identification, referral, parent-training, facilitation service for disability certificate and aids & appliances, schooling etc. Regular visit of MDT offers assessment, programming and evaluation services through home-visits.

• Advocacy and Empowerment:
NGOs, Professionals, Parents, PWDs and other stakeholders in the disability sector are on active communication through various modalities including workshops, get-togethers, events etc towards sharing of information on Acts, Policies, Schemes, Benefits & Concessions, SHG, Parent Associations, Professional Associations etc.
• Social Development:
Community Awareness Program on Disability
Health Awareness Programme
Sanitation Awareness Programme
Women Empowerment Programme
Green and Clean Environment Programme
No-Plastic Campaign
Young Citizen Disabled Friendly Drive
Remedial Education for Dropouts
Remedial Non-Formal Education Programme for SC/ST
Remedial Non-Formal Education for BPL Population
Free Tutorial Services for BPL Class X Students
Free Homeopathic Consultancy and Dispensary
Free Ayurvedic Consultancy and Dispensary
Free Yoga Consultancy
Free Naturopathy Consultancy Services
Free Career Counseling for Young Adult
Awareness against Child Labour
Save the Girl Child Campaign
The institute celebrates: World Health Day, World Disability Day, World Autism Awareness Day, Anti-Smoking Day, AIDS awareness day, World Epilepsy Day, World Hemophilia Day, World Downs Syndrome Day, World Thalassemia Day, Braille Day, Doctors Day, Women’s Day, Grandparents Day etc.

• Human Resource Development:
Parent and Sibling Training programmes, In-Service training programmes for professionals, internship programmes, workshops, seminars, conferences etc are regular part of HRD programmes.

Formal HRD programmes include B.Ed.SE-LD, B.Ed.SE-MR, D.Ed.SE-MR, D.Ed.SE-CP, D.Ed.SE-ASD, D.Ed.SE-DHH/HI, DECSE-MR, BEDSE-DE-MR, PGPDSE-MR, CESE-MR, CESE-CP, ATP, FCECD-Online and FCECLD online.

The organization offers services as Resource Person for Consultancy, Workshops, Seminar, Conferences, CREs etc to over 100 different government and non-government organizations.

Our Branches: We offer services at all project locations:
Surajkund and Kurukshetra (Haryana),
Safdarjung Enclave & Dwarka (New Delhi),
Pathsala and Guwahati (Assam),
Basti (Uttar Pradesh) and
Kohima (Nagaland)

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